Joanna & Bartek | Stara Baśń, Grybów, Poland

  This time we got to truly fairy place. We visited Grybów on Asia & Bartek's wedding day. Beautiful flowers & wedding details, gorgeous venue and the surrounding views... On the morning of the wedding day there were several things, that went wrong, but even though smiles on Asia & Bartek's faces didn't vanish even for a second. That was truly amazing. Frankly speaking there wa ...

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Domi & Darrell | Hanza Pałac Wellness & SPA, Poland

  Do you believe in destiny? I do. When there is only one saturday left during summer, it must have been waiting for someone special. Our friend - wedding photographer - was looking for a replacement and that's how we met Domi & Darrell. Even though there was neither long dress nor a veil, it was one of the most romantic vows I have ever witnessed. Minutes  after the words of the oath ...

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Agata & Thomas | The Palace on the Isle, Warsaw, Poland

Agata called us just when we thought that we had already filled up our wedding calendar and there were no Saturdays left. Wedding on Thursday? So glad to hear it! We were born under a lucky star - taking photos on Agata & Thomas's wedding day was a pleasure. Beautiful scenery and the relaxed ambience (a few nervous minutes before the ceremony didn't affect the whole day) - that's the way it wa ...

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Emilia & Mariusz

Michał mówi, że z naszymi reportażami jest jak z winem - muszę dojrzeć. A może to my dojrzewamy do momentu, kiedy czujemy, że możemy Wam już te zdjęcia pokazać? A gdyby szukać wina, porównywalnego do dnia ślubu Mariusza i Emi? Byłoby mocne, słodkie i owocowe. I powodowałoby lekki zawrót głowy, bo tak było od emocji i akcji. Bo to prawdziwa Hapi-Para dzieląca się swoją pozytywną energią dzień w dzi ...

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Agata & Damian | Pszczyna, Poland

What makes a fabulous wedding day? Lots of love and a pinch of craziness. And the most important - be yourself and seize the day.  I'm sure that Agata & Damian agree with me. That's how it was on their big day. “Love the life you live. Live the life you love.” ~ Bob Marley ...

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Zuza & Sean | Hotel Monopol, Katowice, Poland

Thousands of kilometers and a couple of years have passed since our last meeting with Zuza. And one day my phone rang - so many news! About Zuza, Zuza & Sean getting married, and a litlle girl, who was going to acompany her parents on the big day. The beautiful simplicity of the ceremony, bride's dress and all the details was in a perfect harmony with Zuza & Sean. Cause less is more, From ...

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