Agata & Thomas | The Palace on the Isle, Warsaw, Poland

Agata called us just when we thought that we had already filled up our wedding calendar and there were no Saturdays left. Wedding on Thursday? So glad to hear it! We were born under a lucky star – taking photos on Agata & Thomas’s wedding day was a pleasure. Beautiful scenery and the relaxed ambience (a few nervous minutes before the ceremony didn’t affect the whole day) – that’s the way it was!

And a little help from their friends:
hair – Norbert Afek – Jaga Hupalo Born to create
mua – Magda Atkins
flowers – Marta Gessler Warsztat Woni 
reception – Qchnia Artystyczna
Perfect Day Wedding Consultants

Ceremony  –  The Palace on the Isle, Warsaw

So now take a brake and enjoy the photos with us!

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